The Parkview Pre-Primary “World Around Us” Committee aims to help our children explore and better understand the world in which we live.

Carefully designed and planned eco-awareness projects help children to understand some of the key environmental issues the world is facing. Sometimes these are quite big concepts for little people, but we manage to create awareness in a gentle but exciting and interactive way.


Recycling Bins

  • Children are encouraged to use the recycling bins outside their classroom

Eco Bricks

  • The children received eco-warrior badges when they made their very own eco brick which were used to create benches for the school

Plastic Straw Project

  • Posters, an interactive discussion and a collection of plastic straws from home launched Parkview Pre Primary as a No–Straw school

Beat Plastic Pollution Project

  • The children worked together, along with teachers and parents, to put together a thought-provoking art installation that illustrated the devastating impact that plastic waste has on our environment.
  • The art piece was installed on the school’s boundary wall on Wicklow Ave
  • The children collected plastic bottles from home and used them to create a large fish, with plastic cutlery for teeth, eating the world.
  • Each child got a chance to stick a piece of plastic onto the installation, and to help to create the papier mâché globe.
  • The project received a lot of interest and praise from the local community.

Save the Rainforest, Save the Orangutan Project

  • Parents, teachers and pupils at Parkview Pre-Primary School created a large rainforest within the school’s grounds, the aim being to teach children about the threat orangutans face due to forest destruction as a result of palm oil cultivation.
  • To create the display the children gathered plants, leaves, bark and palm fruit, and made decorations that included paper insects, reptiles and animals. Also, they brought from home a number of prized toys, among them numerous fluffy orangutans and other forest friends.
  • Parents and teachers – helped by a generous donation from Life Landscapes and Floriculture Wholesale Growers – added large ferns and beautiful forest plants; a water mister and, to enhance the sensory experience, an audio track of rainforest sounds. Orangutan fluffy toys were placed to hang happily on branches of the forest canopy.

Worm Farm

  • Parkview Pre Primary recently bought a worm farm.
  • The children are actively involved in feeding the worms vegetable waste from the kitchen, caring for the worms, harvesting worm castings and draining worm tea to use in the garden.

Vegetable Garden

  • The children are regularly involved in the planting and upkeep of the schools very own vegetable garden.
  • Carrots, lettuce, herbs, beetroot, sunflower seeds, beans, tomatoes and peppers are some of the ripe produce our children are able to harvest.


  • Parkview Pre Primary is the proud home to Desmond and Tutu, our resident chickens.
  • The children love visiting the Rickety Eggspress to collect newly laid eggs.
  • Once a year, we wait for 21 days for the eggs to hatch and watch in awe as our lovely little chicks grow and thrive in our special school environment, receiving lots of love and cuddles from all the children.

Growing Potatoes in Hay Bales

  • The children prepared leftover hay bales from the school’s sports day to create a growing medium to plant potatoes. The children had fun breaking up the bales to find the potatoes.